brate sy

brate sy
кір. брацца

Беларуска (лацінка)-рускі слоўнік і слоўнік беларускай кірыліцы.

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  • brate — ad·um·brate; cer·e·brate; de·fi·brate; equil·i·brate; ex·pro·brate; gla·brate; in·um·brate; lu·cu·brate; ob·ten·e·brate; re·ver·brate; vi·brate; clo·fi·brate; cal·i·brate; li·brate; ver·te·brate; …   English syllables

  • ad|um|brate — «ad UHM brayt, AD uhm brayt», transitive verb, brat|ed, brat|ing. 1. to indicate faintly; outline; sketch: »One may adumbrate a few generic traits, though each has many exceptions (Harper s). SYNONYM(S) …   Useful english dictionary

  • cal|i|brate — «KAL uh brayt», transitive verb, brat|ed, brat|ing. 1. to determine, check, or adjust the scale of (a thermometer, gauge, or other measuring instrument). Calibrating is usually done by comparison with a standard instrument. 2. to find the caliber …   Useful english dictionary

  • cel|e|brate — «SEHL uh brayt», verb, brat|ed, brat|ing. –v.t. 1. to observe (a special time or day) with the proper activities: »We celebrated my birthday with a party and cake and ice cream. SYNONYM(S): solemnize. 2. to perform pub …   Useful english dictionary

  • cer|e|brate — «SEHR uh brayt», intransitive verb, brat|ed, brat|ing. to use the brain; think. ╂[< Latin cerebrum brain + English ate1] …   Useful english dictionary

  • clo|fi|brate — «kloh FY brayt», noun. a synthetic drug that inhibits the formation of fatty acids and cholesterol in the body. Formula: C12H15ClO3 ╂[a coined name] …   Useful english dictionary

  • con|cel|e|brate — «kon SEHL uh brayt», transitive verb, intransitive verb, brat|ed, brat|ing. to celebrate (Mass) together in the Roman Catholic Church: »The new cardinals had concelebrated Mass in Latin with the Pope at the Basilica s main altar (Manchester… …   Useful english dictionary

  • de|cer|e|brate — «dee SEHR uh brayt», verb, brat|ed, brat|ing, adjective. –v.t. to remove the cerebrum from: »to decerebrate a frog. –adj. 1. decerebrated. 2. lacking reason or intelligence: »the decerebrate acts of a mob …   Useful english dictionary

  • de|fi|brate — «dee FY brayt», transitive verb, intransitive verb, brat|ed, brat|ing. to reduce (wood or paper) to fibers; break down to fibrous form …   Useful english dictionary

  • dis|e|qui|li|brate — «dihs EE kwuh LY brayt, ih KWIHL uh », transitive verb, brat|ed, brat|ing. to throw out of balance: »Too much light can disequilibrate you just like the strobe lights at the Electric Circus do (New York Times) …   Useful english dictionary

  • e|la|brate — «ee LAY briht», adjective. Zoology. without a distinct labrum or upper lip. ╂[< e without + labrum + ate1] …   Useful english dictionary

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